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Thread: Important Reminder on Settling site transactions
05-1-2010 02:28 PM
Important Reminder on Settling site transactions

May I please remind all members of the requirment to settle transactions (sales/purchases) on the site within two weeks. Again, there are an increasing number of complaints from sellers that these rules are simply not being adhered to.

A new invoicing feature was added recently to help smooth out the after sales process and once buyers have instructions from sellers they should make payment within the two week timescale - MAXIMUM. If you are going to be on holiday and you know as a buyer this will affect your ability to make payments within the timescales, you should pre-warn the sellers of whom slides you are bidding on.

Needless to say, chasing members for payment wastes both the webmasters and sellers time and will simply not be tolerated any longer. Any complaints I recieve that I substantiate will result in the following:

I will suspend the buyers account
I will refund commission and listing fees to the seller
The buyer will be given ONE opportunity to return the lost fees to the website along with an account re-instatement fee and account will be re-activated.
Any subsequent failure to adhere to the rules by the same member will result in permanent suspension.

I am sorry to have to put out a blunt email like this but it is necessary. Thanks to all members that do operate within the rules of which the majority do.