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Thread: Problems receiving email - try this!
10-29-2010 06:56 PM
Problems receiving email - try this!
Quite often I receive reports from users of the site that they cannot receive emails from the site or for some reason they suddenly stopped receiving emails from the site.

Whilst email is fairly reliable there are times when problems do occur and sometimes these are very easy to fix and sometimes are more complicated.

If you are not receiving site emails here are some things to check in order of the most common problems:

1) Your email address you have entered when registering is either invalid or incorrectly entered.

Resolution: Check your email address is entered correctly and there are no trailing spaces or spaces within the email address that should not be there - believe it or not, this is the most common issue! If it is correct it could be that the email address itself cannot recieve email due to some issue with it's set-up - in that case try another valid email address you have and test that. You can change your email address by logging into the site and editing your email address in My Details

2) Your email is valid but your email filter classes email from our site as junk email or spam.

Resolution: Check your junk email folder to see if email from our site is going there - if so then in your email client application set our site as a valid sender or email and mark it as not junk

3) Your email is valid but your ISP (Internet Service Provider) determines our site is sending out spam.

Resolution: This is a common issue and harder to resolve. ISP's will blacklist certain sites or machines from sending them email which means you never get the email even though in our case it ti valid and you want to receive it. In this case the only option is to contact your ISP and ask them to check if our site is blacklisted and ask them to remove the restriction on them delivering mail from our site to you.

4) Connection issues from our email server to your ISP.

Resolution: This I am afraid is not easy to fix. Often we see from our email logs that email we send gets rejected by your ISP because they would not allow us to connect at certain times. This indicates a poor service from your ISP - if you have tried all the options 1-3 then we could try and check this for you by running a test to see if we can deliver the email. This is manual though so it would only be done as a last resort.

I hope the information above is useful and please remember this as even though you may be receiving email today, any of the above could cause you to suddenly not receive site email anymore.