History and Units of the United States Air Forces
in Europe 0n CD-ROM

by Henk Scharringa
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Over a period of 15 years I gathered historical information about the units of the United States Air Forces in Europe. This CD-ROM will contain most of the researched materials. It includes the histories of the United States Air Forces in Europe, numbered air forces, commands, wings and groups. The squadrons will follow on a later CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM concerns the units of the United States Air Forces in Europe. Although this CD-ROM is devoted exclusively to elements of the United States Air Forces in Europe, its coverage of these elements is not confined to the European period. Instead, each element is traced back to its origin and forwarded to 31 December 2001. The elements are presented under the last designations they carried with the USAFE. For each element there is information concerning lineage, assignments, stations, components, aircraft (for wings and groups only), unit colors (where known), tail codes (if used) and insignia. Known serial numbers sometimes appear within the histories, but for a more detailed list of United States Air Forces in Europe serials another CD-ROM will follow or will become available on the Internet.

As new data comes available during the continuing research, it is possible that a number of histories will have to be rewritten. For your convenience we have chosen to publish this on CD-ROM, so we will be able to provide you with updated and revised materials in the future at minimum costs. You can simply replace the old data with the newly updated data. As any addition will be very welcome, we will a reasonable amount of data and pictures reward with free updates. New updates will become available through our website www.usafe-history.org

The material used on the CD-ROM came from various sources. The bases was taken from three books, Air Force Combat Units of World War II, Air Force Combat Squadrons of World War II (both edited by Maurer Maurer) and Air Force Combat Wings by Charles Ravenstein. Additional information came from various other books published by the Air Force like the Army Air Forces in World War II (Vol I to VI) by Craven and Cate and books like the Mighty Eight.