Privacy Policy

Last updated December 29, 2023

Below we outline the privacy policy which details how we collect, store and process your information as a result of using our site and services. The policy will help you understand your privacy rights and how we use your data. When you register with the site you are asked to review our terms and conditions, site rules and privacy policy. If you do not register with the site you can still review this policy to understand how we use your data (if relevant). If you still have any questions please contact us at


This overview highlights the key points in the policy with further details provided below where necessary.

What personal information do we use?

The perosnal information we collect and use depends on your interaction with the site, more details are set out below.

How do we process your information?

We process your information to provide our service, to allow communication between ourselves, other site members and yourself. Other reasons we may process your information may include fraud and crime prevention or for other legal reasons.

Sensitive Personal Information?

We do not collect, store or process any personal sensitive information

Who do we share your personal information with and when?

We do not currently share your personal information with third-parties for sales or marketing purposes and if we intended to, it would be via an opt-in process where you agreed to such sharing of this information. We will however share some personal information with other users of the site when required, for example to conclude purchases. Futher information is available below.

We may share your data in the event of a business transfer which could include a negotiation to or sale of the business.

How do we keep your information safe?

We use industry standard technology solutions, organisational practices and security mechanisms to ensure your personal data is kept safe, this for example includes encryption of certain data. However, communication over the internet and data storage technology security cannot be 100% guaranteed and as such we cannot guarantee that cyber criminals or hackers would never be able to compromise security of our system or our hosting services which could result in sharing of your data or unauthorised use of your data.

What are your privacy rights and how do you exercise them?

Different geographic locations and jurisdictions may operate different privacy laws, giving you greater control over how your personal information is used. Please contact us at if you have a particular requirement under your local law.

In certain jurisdictions such as the EU, UK and Canada you have additional rights under data protection laws that allow you to request access to personal information stored about you and control that data. Please contact us as if you have a specific query, request or requirement.


We collect personal information that you provide to us when you register with the website or communicate with us

The personal information that we collect depends on the context of your interactions with our site and the features you use. The personal information we collect may include the following:

  • names
  • email addresses
  • usernames
  • passwords
  • address details
  • contact preferences
  • Data Retention

    We only retain data for as long as it is required to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy policy. If you register with the site and choose to terminate your account, your account will be de-activated and your personal data anonymised or removed.

    Sensitive Information

    We do not process sensitive information.

    Payment Data

    We may collect data necessary to process your payment if you make purchases through the site or make account payments to us.

    Our site uses PayPal as its payment processing service. When making payments for purchases and/or paying account balances you are re-directed to PayPal.

    You can find out more on how PayPal use and share your personal information in their privacy policy at this link PayPal Privacy Policy

    When registering with the site, all personal information entered must be true and correct and should be updated if it changes through the site account details page.

    Other data automatically collected and stored

    Some information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address and browser/device details are collected automatically when you visit our site. This is genrally normal practice and expected behaviour. This data does not reveal any of your personal details and is primarliy used to enhance users interactions with the site and improve security.

    Our site makes use of cookies, these are data items stored in the client browser and are required for normal operation of the site. Cookies are generally transisent data and depending upon your preference are deleted when you log-out of the site or when your browser session ends (unless you have asked the site to persist your login for 30 days)


    We process your information for a variety of reasons, depending on how you interact with our site and services, including:

  • We process your personal information when you register with the site to create an account and/or log in and out of the site
  • When you use the site, navigate pages etc
  • To respond to support issues raised by yourself.
  • To send informational updates to registered members
  • To fulfil and manage site transactions We may process your information to fulfil and manage your purchasing activity on the site.
  • To enable user-to-user communications
  • Where required to resolve disputes or situations that could cause harm to others
  • For legal reasons, to comply with local laws, to provide you with our services or any other situation where we believe their is a legal basis to do so to comply with applicable law.
  • EU or UK Residents

    To comply with the The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK GDPR we are required to eplain the legal bases we rely on to process your information, these are outlined as follows:

    Consent - if you have given us permission (your 'consent') to use your personal information for a specific purpose. For example, you have agreed to our site terms and conditions before registering as a user. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at

    Legal Obligations. we may process your information where required to by local law enforcement/agencies, for litigation purposes or to defend our legal rights.

    Vital Interests. Where we believe it necessary to protect an individual or individuals


    Our site may link to or be linked from a third party website. We are not responsible for any information you share with third-parties or for information you share with third parties that may advertise on our website.

    Any data you choose to share with third parties via direct or indirect interaction with our site is not covered by this privacy policy and as such we cannot guarantee safety and security of your data shared in these scenarios. Please consult the third parties privacy policy where relevant.


    Our website uses cookies as previously outlined in here

    In addition some of our advertising partners may deploy cookies. These are covered by our cookie disclaimer.


    We do not knowingly collect data or market to minors. By using our site you confirm that you are aged 18 years or older or have express permission from a parent/guardian to use the site.


    Certain other jurisdcitions not mentioned in this privacy notice afford additional data protection and privacy rights such as residents of California, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Contact us at if you have a specific request/requirment